Cantaloupe + Mint + Strawberries = Refreshing!

This summer we tried something new, inspired just a little by a dish in the deli case at one of those “trendy” market delis and all the fresh mint at the Farmer’s Market we came up with something new.  Cantaloupe, mint, and strawberries.  It is so yummy, so refreshing and so easy.  We even made it on Monday with the last of the fresh picked strawberries from the market and a lovely end of the season Tuscan Melon.

Fresh Mint (chopped)
Brown Sugar
Chop fresh mint.  Know how to get it in little ribbons like all the fancy stores do……Lay several leaves on top of each other till you have a little stack of them, roll them up into a log and slice the log thinly and voila! Lots of little strips of mint.  Or you can just chop it up however you like.

Slice Strawberries and mix strawberries, mint and a little brown sugar together in a bowl.  Let sit in the fridge for about 15 minutes.  This gets the strawberry juice flowing and infuses the mint flavor.  Cut cantaloupe into bite size pieces and place in bowl.  Tastes best if the melon is cold.

Add the sliced strawberry mixture to the melons, mix it all together and serve in individual fruit bowls.
How much to use you ask… it is all done “to taste”  I would recommend a light hand with the brown sugar and as I LOVE fresh mint, a heavier hand with the mint, I think it is hard to have too much.  Start with a little and add more if you like.

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