What a Trip!


The 8 Broads in the Kitchen are hanging up their collective aprons.

Twelve years ago, eight of us, innkeepers from across the US, embarked on a journey that has taken us to places we had never anticipated. In 2008, when very few innkeepers knew about blogs, we decided to form a new group, 8 Broads in the Kitchen™.  Although we were from vastly different backgrounds and cultures, we did share similar passions – the love of innkeeping and a culinary commitment to using the best and freshest ingredients, locally sourced, prepared with love, and shared with friends.

And we were determined to have fun! Not only did we have fun, but to our surprise, we became close friends, sharing life’s joys and tears. Like sisters! The blog blossomed! In no time, we 8 Broads were sharing our recipes with several hundred other innkeepers, guests, relatives, friends, and friends of relatives and friends of friends. The blog led to presenting workshops at innkeeping and non-innkeeping conferences, local, statewide, and national as well as offering consulting opportunities for innkeepers. Cookbooks? They were inevitable – three of them! All the while we continued to hone our skills and broaden our horizons.

We were going places! The journey has taken us throughout the US, from Sonoma and Austin to Santa Fe and Estes Park as well as to Provence, France, for innkeeping conferences and our annual general “meetings.” We have even spawned a young offshoot, Two Little Broads, passing on our culinary passion to another generation.

The 8 Broads in the Kitchen guesstimate that collectively we have had close to 200 years of innkeeping experience, served more than 200,000 breakfasts, and baked at least a half-million cookies, munched by guests (and, we admit, the 8 broads ourselves, of course).

Even though as an organization we are hanging up our aprons and closing 8 Broads in the Kitchen, the 8 of us as friends intend to continue meeting virtually at least once a month and traveling together each year. And, yes, we are still having fun!

We couldn’t have done this alone. We gratefully thank all who have supported and encouraged us, who have followed on our blog, who have purchased and continue to purchase our cookbooks* Breakfast and Brunch Recipes and Desserts! You helped us thrive!

The 8 Broads in the Kitchen proved once again that food bridges divides, connects different philosophies, and brings people together. Food, the universal language, opens doors, inspires conversation, calms restless souls, and often provides opportunities to laugh. We hope you enjoyed stirring up fun in the kitchen with us.

What a trip!

*You can still order the cookbooks until March 31, 2021 at www.8broads.com. After March 31, order via Swiss Woods B&B Inn at http://stores.swisswoodstea.com/books/ and The White Oak Inn at info@whiteoakinn.com.


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