An Innkeeper’s favorite pan, Swiss Diamond

It is so much easier to find success in the kitchen if you are working with the right food and equipment. Just as Mise en Place (which essentially means getting your act together!)  is fundamental to working through a recipe … Continue reading

Lemon Quick Bread

Given a choice, I will almost always choose lemon.  This bread is served at breakfast but is tasty enough for a light dessert after dinner.  It’s moist and yummy! INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup unsalted butter, room temperature 1 cup sugar 2 … Continue reading

Lemon Brownies

Every night, our guests will find five or six homemade desserts on the sideboard.   This means that we are always on the lookout for new ideas!   And boy, is this idea a winner!  In fact, such a winner that there … Continue reading

Old Fashioned Bran Refrigerator Muffins

The 3×5 index card that this recipe lives on is tattered around the edges and discolored from drips of whatever. It is well traveled having lived in Vienna, Zurich, and parts of Germany and now resides here in Lititz. This … Continue reading

Nancy’s Monday Morning Blueberry Buckle

 When my boys were young, we lived in Switzerland for an idyllic two years. Each Monday morning, it was my turn to drive carpool to nursery school, picking up little Danny and Laura. On the way home, I would stop … Continue reading

Easy Savory Breakfast Dish: Black Forest Ham & Eggs

At Lookout Point Lakeside Inn, we’ve been making this savory egg dish since opening 10+ years ago. It’s easy, and holds well in the warmer thoughout the service of breakfast. The recipe may be multiplied as much as you need … Continue reading

Innkeeper’s Breakfast

As a busy innkeeper I don’t always eat right. We serve a lot of comfort food at our Eastern Shore of Maryland inn because our guests come here to spend a few relaxing days and enjoy our food. Although we … Continue reading

Fruit Salsa

Let’s do the Salsa! Today, May 25th, is the day before Cornell University graduation and while our house is full (and thankfully, usually is), guests want to be out the door in time for the Convocation. Rather than our served … Continue reading