Baked Potato and Tomato Omelet, #5 Tomatoes 8 Ways

One of our employees once made the statement, “For Yvonne, potatoes are their own food group”.   It’s true.   I love potatoes in any form.   And tomatoes come second on my list of favorite foods.   Well, maybe third.   Chocolate has … Continue reading

Edible Flowers Make Breakfast Special

Presentation is everything, well almost everything. The quality of the actual food trumps presentation, but great food poorly presented is a missed opportunity to impress. I am often guilty of this. I put so much effort, hard work, and thought … Continue reading

Orange Pound Cake

A while ago a guest asked for the recipe of this cake that I love baking and serving for breakfast.  It’s the perfect complement to an omelet or baked eggs. INGREDIENTS 1 cup unsalted butter at room temperature (more to … Continue reading

Ahhhh, bacon….

According to a friend’s post on Facebook, today is International Bacon Day.   As far as I’m concerned, EVERY day should be International Bacon Day.   What’s not to love about bacon? Here are just a few of my favorite … Continue reading