Prize-Winning Apple Cake

My college roommate Jeanne sent me this recipe shortly after I became an innkeeper, and she had gotten it from her sister. Why prize-winning? Jeanne’s brother-in-law made it and won first prize in a baking contest, and I made it … Continue reading

Cheddar Dill Scones made with Ohio Amish Cheese

Because the Amish don’t have electricity, their raw milk cannot be properly chilled on the farm. For that reason it can’t be sold for drinking purposes, but since the cheesemaking process destroys harmful bacteria, it can be used to make … Continue reading

Banana Bread

It doesn’t get easier than this. Banana bread has been a favorite here since the children were small. It was the first bread I taught the girls to bake. When we score a case of dark bananas at the farmers … Continue reading

Add a little citrus zip to your recipes

We use a lot of lemon and orange slices at the inn. And that results in many leftover end pieces. We take those pieces and throw them in a container in the freezer. When we are making a recipe that … Continue reading

Microplane Graters

left to right: cheese grater, newer small hole model, my first Microplane There are kitchen gadget that make your life so much easier you wonder what you did before getting one. Of course there are some that are plain silly … Continue reading

Lemon Lover Muffin

Yvonne so wisely pointed out that muffins are the best excuse to eat cake for breakfast. That is so very, very true. This muffin fits well into that category. Actually, this recipe is a variation on a cake my mother … Continue reading

Golden Vegetable Soup – A delicious fall soup from Ohio’s White Oak Inn

October means cooler evenings, lighting the fireplaces in the inn, lots of squash and pumpkins at the farm market stands, and soup cooking on the inn stove. This is one of my favorite fall soups. It’s full of vegetables, but … Continue reading