Summer Weekend Menus

 It’s wonderful to be able to create absolutely wonderful breakfasts using nature’s bounty! Birchwood Inn’s weekend menus celebrate the summer’s freshest ingredients. Most of the recipes for the menu items are here on the Eight Broads in the Kitchen blog! … Continue reading

Orange Zucchini Muffins

It’s that time again.   Beware.   Don’t leave your doors unlocked at night in case the mysterious Zucchini Dumper shows up during the night and leaves gifts of oversized green produce on your kitchen counter.   I’ve never quite figured out why … Continue reading

Debbie’s Lemon Drops

I love lemons. Every way shape and form you can think of.. I love them all. I cook with preserved lemons, I add lemon zest to all kinds of baked products, and last but certainly not least I love them … Continue reading

Herbal Butters

I admit that summer is not my favorite season.   I’m a cold-weather girl myself.   But one thing I won’t deny, I am just thrilled when all of the fresh summer vegetables and herbs start to be ready in the garden and … Continue reading

Madeleine’s Rhubarb Pie

This is my grandmother Madeleine’s recipe and my mother always made it in the Spring when tender rhubarb stalks were available. It is absolutely heavenly. We have eight large plants in our garden at the inn. It is hardly enough. … Continue reading