Sonoma Bartender Concocts Special 8 Broads Cocktail!

As the Eight Broads continue to share food experiences and ideas, we celebrated Lynnette’s birthday at the classy Barndiva in Healdsburg. Dining al fresco and basking in the sunshine, the Broads kicked off the afternoon with a custom cocktail created by spunky Rachel Beardsley (pictured with the Broads, holding her creation.)

8 Broads with Barndiva Bar Manager

First course of the luncheon featured crusted goat cheese croquettes with tomato jam, drizzled with lavender honey. Yum! Next: Cauliflower soup with fried capers and toasted almonds or a fresh salad with heirloom beets, encdives and warm chevre.

For the entree, we sampled an amazing and huge reuben, sauteed Pacific swordfish, or roasted chicken atop romaine lettuce with marin blue cheese.

To make the 8 Broads Cocktail, follow Rachel’s concoction.


1 jigger Browned Butter Whiskey
1 teaspoon lightly beaten egg white
Dash of orange bitters
Orange peel
Slice of lemon skewered


Pour whiskey, lightly beaten egg white, orange bitters and ice into shaker. Shake well. Pour into high ball glass, add twisted orange peel and plop in a slice of lemon skewer. Sip and enjoy!

The Eight Broads

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