What’s your favorite new kitchen tool

We asked this question of the 8 Broads this week, and it was certainly amusing to hear the answers.   Lynnette even sent a photograph of her assistant Katie modelling a pair of onion goggles.   What a great idea!  She also mentioned that they now have a composting bin in their back yard.   A local company takes it away each week and leaves an empty barrel.   Ellen enthusiastically endorsed her new stick blender although she said the dogs run for cover when she turns it on and it is so much more powerful than her last one that she was covered in whipping cream the first time she used it.   Two of us were delighted by microplanes.
I discovered they now come with a much larger selection of sizes, suitable for grating or shredding everything from chocolate to cheese, to vegetables, right down to garlic and citrus rind.    I just have to remember the new one is sharp and try not to grate some of my knuckle into whatever dish I’m making.   I should also see if I can borrow those onion goggles from Lynnette so I can see what I’m doing when I grate onion.

Whatever you’re doing in the kitchen today we hope you’re having as much fun as the Eight Broads.

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