I’m dreaming of a lemon reamer……

We do an Evening Dessert Buffet nightly at The William Henry Miller Inn.
One of the very favorite desserts (and guests never seem to tire of these!) are our homemade Lemon Bars.
This afternoon as I reached for a fresh lemon for the peel and the juice, with the other hand I reached for the wooden lemon reamer that I use so many times a week.  
Who put it in the wrong place? A drawer?  A whisk bucket?  The dishwasher?  It was no where to be found.   I’m lost.  In desperation, I used a wooden honey dripper but it didn’t work nearly as well.
The moral of this story is….if you use a lot of citrus, get thee a reamer.  Your life will be so much easier!
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Lynnette Scofield Bed and Breakfast Foodie

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