What a combo!

That combo is Austin Texas and five hundred innkeepers!
March 8-11 and Austin Texas may never be the same!  What a wonderful city and what a wonderful city to hold a conference.  This year’s PAII (Professional Association of Innkeepers’ International) Conference made its way to the city where everything is bigger!  Austin!  And for a girl from upstate New York, this was some conference, y’all!
Restaurants abound. Great restaurants.  One of the absolute favorites was Rudy’s–barbeque in a gas station.  When it’s your turn, the first question is “have you been here before?”  If the answer is no, a shout goes out that there is a novice in the crowd.  Samples of their meats are presented on a piece of parchment paper and those samples included sausage; brisket and then variations of the brisket in “moist” and “lean” and then turkey.  The turkey was so delicious words escape me. 
A group of thirteen of us shared picnic tables and passed around the brown paper towels that serve as napkins.  There was a whole lot of sharing of food at that table!  Barbequed baked beans, buttered new potatoes, cole slaw, potato salad and then the crowning glory—creamed corn.  But this wasn’t just any creamed corn.  This was AUSTIN creamed corn.  Corn, butter and cream.   As I type I’m closing my eyes and reminiscing over a vegetable……..
And on the first day we arrived, three of us headed out to take care of what was needed for all the food demos that we presented at the conference.  Breakfast was first on our list and The Kerry Lane Cafe was the spot recommended by all.  The hit of the day was Eggs Francisco.   Scrambled eggs, beautifully fresh tomato, ripe avocado and bacon all piled on an English Muffin and covered with a cheese sauce and served with black beans.
And we sure can’t forget the wonderful dinner shared by The Eight Broads.  My dinner was lightly breaded scallops served with the spiciest cole slaw that ever graced my plate!  And have you ever seen a mango daiquiri?  I would love a cashmere sweater in that very color (I’ll be more likely to get an apron in that color!)
Austin was a great place to be.  Seventy-nine degrees. Charming people and amazing hosts and hostesses from The Texas B&B Association.  Music. More music.  Just doesn’t get much better!

The William Henry Miller Inn
Lynnette Scofield
Bed and Breakfast Foodie

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