Silpat another favorit gadget from the Brampton Inn

The absolutely fabulous non-stick sheet pan liners for the serious cookie baker.

Remember how we used to butter the cookie sheets before scooping out dough and baking the cookies in a 350 degree oven??
The cleaning up of the cookie sheets wasn’t much fun. More like a pain in the neck.

Pan coating spray made the clean up a lot faster. But still there was some elbow grease needed to take care of the job.

Thank goodness along came the Silpat liner. There is nothing stopping me from baking cookies anymore. Hooray!!!

This nifty quick release liner is a flat silicon sheet that can take heat up to 500 degrees. And it works. I don’t know why but the baked cookies fly off the Silpat like nobodies business.

Put the liner on your cookie sheet, scoop the dough onto it, bake for however long it takes, with a spatula gently remove the cookie when ready, rinse your Silpat with lukewarm water, dry with a kitchen towel and you are either done or ready to bake more cookies.

The liners are not cheap, I think you can get them for about $15 to $18 when they are on sale. Cooking stores carry several brands. Boy, are they worth it!

They also make silicon muffin pans and other cake pans out of the same material but they never worked for me. Too wobbly. I wouldn’t waste my money on those.

Brampton Inn
Danielle Hanscom
Bed and Breakfast Foodie

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