Cookbook Love in Lititz!

You love us! You really love us! (To paraphrase Sally Field)

This spring the 8 Broads in the Kitchen held its first cookbook signing at Swiss Woods, Debbie Mosimann’s inn in Lititz, PA. The cavalry arrived to help Debbie in the form of three other Broads – Kathryn White, Lynnette Scofield, and Ellen Chenaux.  Deb’s family and friends also pitched in.

We had no idea how many would attend, but we anticipated maybe 50 people. So we were overwhelmed when about 200 folks appeared on Swiss Woods’ doorstep! They came that afternoon to purchase the Broads in the Kitchen’s new Breakfast & Brunch Recipes and have the cookbooks signed by four of the 8 Broads. Although they came for the cookbook, many stayed for several hours, sampling nibbles and making new friends. The signing became a pop-up party!

Not only did we run out of food, we also ran out of cookbooks! Yes, indeed, the signing was a success,  and the 8 Broads in the Kitchen look forward to future book signingsl There will be many people in Lancaster County stirring up fun in the kitchen.

Next book signing: S Clyde Weavers in East Petersburg PA, June 9, 10am-1pm. Stop by to see two of the Broads, Deb Mosimann and Ellen Chenaux, and get your new cookbook autographed!

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