Peach Coconut Soup

It’s 11:41 a.m. and we are due to serve a luncheon to a group who is here for a retreat. The lunch starts at noon. One of the guests just told us that she is vegan. We thought we had everything covered with one vegetarian, but we’ve sprung into action with 19 minutes to spare!
Our starter course is a creamy Tuscan Tomato Soup with pasta (the request of the organizer). It clearly isn’t vegan and we’ve used all of the vegetable stock that we had to make the big batch.
Look in the cupboard….hmmmmm…….we have a jar of beautiful peaches that yes, are canned, but were really lovely.  And a can of coconut milk. Vegan!
So into the blender it all goes and quickly into the fridge to chill.
And, I have to say, after sneaking a quick taste, it is really delicious.

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