Salt Potatoes!

What ARE Salt Potatoes, you ask?    Well, they’re a little bite of heaven.   A little pillow of deliciousness.  They are small potatoes (usually white potatoes) and they are cooked in a lot of water with a lot of salt.

Salt Potatoes are a well known item in upstate New York.   Often served at barbeques and clambakes they are pretty much loved by everyone who has ever had one.

Just remember, that if you don’t have them in your area SPECIFICALLY, you can still use these ingredients to make your own.


1 bag of Salt Potatoes (potatoes and salt inside)
4 quarts of boiling water
Butter, butter and more butter (no, not margarine….butter!)


Fill a large pot with four quarts of water.
Bring to a boil.
Add the bag of salt.
Add potatoes.
Cook until tender.
Serve with melted butter.


The William Henry Miller Inn
Lynnette Scofield  Bed and Breakfast Foodie

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