Here at The William Henry Miller Inn, we make a LOT of macaroons.
Guests love them on our evening dessert buffet and they are gluten free.   But I’ve have had an awful time lately getting them off of the parchment paper that I always use.
I’ve used plain parchment; parchment sprayed with cooking spray; left them on the parchment til they cooled; took them off the parchment before they cooled……the list goes on.
Today I made a batch and decided to try something different (again!).   Used a “Silpat” and lightly sprayed it with cooking spray.   Voila!   They lifted off so easily with a spatula.   Yes, I”m almost giddy.
Guess we know what one of the options is on tonight’s dessert buffet.

Lynnette Scofield
 The William Henry Miller Inn
The Ithaca Broad

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