Easy Tomato Corn Salad: #1 Tomatoes 8 Ways

We are in the middle of tomato season and a trip to just about any farmers market will have vine ripened tomatoes of every shape color and flavor.  Our gardens are brimming with heirloom varieties  (my favorites include Bulls Heart and Cherokee-purple).  Each of us has favorite things to do with this abundant crop and we will share them with you! Let us know what you like to do with these beauties!

Danielle served this one for her daughter’s wedding not only because the taste is amazing but it is so easy to put together and holds up well on a buffet. This would be a great dish for a Labor Day picnic as it adjusts easily for large crowds.

Tomato Corn Salad
serves 12
6 large tomatoes  (1/2 per person)
3 ears of corn, steamed and cut off the cob
1 small bunch basil, cut into strips
1 pint yellow pear tomatoes
3 Tablespoons olive oil
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
freshly ground pepper


Place the sliced tomatoes shingled on a platter
Sprinkle with salt
Evenly distribute the chilled corn over the tomatoes
Sprinkle liberally with the basil
Halve the pear tomatoes lengthwise and distribute across the top
Drizzle with the olive oil
Sprinkle with grated pepper and a bit of salt
Garnish the sides with full springs of basil

Danielle Hanscom
Brampton Bed and Breakfast Inn
The Chestertown, MD Broad

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