Grilled Baby Beets

Beets. You either love ’em or you hate ’em. To be honest, of the 8 Broads there are several who are not beet fans!  Hard to believe, I know but, alas, true. This recipe might just convert the die hard non beet lover. They are sweet and yummy.  Use alone, or as part of an antipasto presentation.  If you like beets AT ALL, these are truly addictive. There is something about the grilling process that caramelizes the sugars and pulls out the very best of the beet flavor. Every single time that I serve these I wish I had made more.. they just disappear.

So.. get your beet on, fire up that grill, and enjoy.


12 fresh baby beets, cooked whole, then skinned and cooled OR
1 can of baby beets, drained, keep in the bowl  (yes, believe it or not canned beets work well for this)
Olive oil to drizzle
Balsamic (can be reduced balsamic) to drizzle
Coarse sea salt to sprinkle


Preheat the grill and place a rack on it that will prevent the smallest beets from falling through
(I love the grill mesh from Chef’s Planet for this)
Drizzle olive oil over the beets just enough to toss them in and coat them, not so much that it puddles.
Toss or stir to coat.
Using a slotted spoon put the beets on the grill and cook for about 15 min turning every few minutes to grill. evenly. They are finished when they start to darken in spots.
Remove from the grill with tongs or metal slotted spoon and return to the bowl with the bit of olive oil in it. Toss to coat.
Drizzle with a small about of balsamic, about 2 Tbsp and sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt

These are now ready to go.  If you are using them later on a platter put them in a sealed container and refrigerate

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Debbie Mosimann

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