Mint? Ice Cream? New fruit?? Got ’em all!

Hello friends!
This really isn’t a recipe but more a celebration of summer!
We have a tiny garden outside of our kitchen door that is just LOADED with mint this summer!   All kinds of mint—spearmint, chocolate mint, pineapple mint.  Also lavender and hollyhocks and hanging baskets nearby of violas and nasturtiums.  All of our staff knows that these are all edible and we use them to decorate places and our dessert buffet all summer long.
Fellow broad and great friend, Ellen Chenaux got away for a day and a half and came to visit.   She brought us the neatest tool that is a fabulous herb chopper.    Katie, our Assistant Innkeeper, is loving using this for making “mint sugar” to serve with fresh oranges.   Just chop mint very fine and let it sit in sugar for a couple of hours.  Delish!
Yesterday Sylvie (who is our fab breakfast server) decided it was time to dig out the ice cream maker.   We had an abundance of blueberries so she just finished a batch of Blueberry Grand Marnier.  Just how many spoonfuls is considered a “tasting”?
Last week, I picked up three lovely new melons at our beloved Wegman’s (they have the most wonderful produce).   These are Lemon Drop Melons (not to be confused with a Lemon Drop Martini) and have a fresh, summery taste and beautiful green color.
Also found a new ice cream by Haagen Das that is Limoncello Gelato.   Oh my……….so Lemon Drop Melon served with a scoop of Gelato and topped with fresh mint.  Does it get any better?  Yes.   We always freeze our plates first.    I do believe I could enjoy one of those right now……. —

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It’s growing as we watch it!

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