The herbs of summer!

Starting to miss herbs already!

We’re very fortunate to have the amount of “yard” that we do.   We’re on a corner in downtown Ithaca and just love our location.   And, I just love our yard.
At the north side of the house, we have a small garden where everything is edible.  That way, our staff knows that anything in that little bed is “fair game” for plate garnishing.
We have several kinds of mint; lavender; tarragon; basil; roses (love those petals!); mini carnations; marigolds; nastursiums and violas.
We use them for all sorts of things—-as an addition to our fruit plates every morning; the bread baskets; our dessert buffet every night.  The list in endless.   A simple pitcher of lemonade is so much better with lemon balm and fresh mint in our ice water pitchers screams summer!
The happiest day of the year for me is when the little mint starts to poke its head out of the ground.  Yes, I love fall but I’ll keep those herbs going just as long as we possibly can!



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Lynnette Scofield
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