Tips from the Kitchen at the Brampton Inn

My favorite small kitchen gadgets are the ice cream scoops.

The 2 ½ inch holds ¼ cup
The 2 inch holds 1/8 cup and the smaller ones are great for scooping cookie dough and to scoop flavored butters.

A heaping 2 ½ inch scoop of muffin batter makes a perfectly sized large muffin. The scooping mechanism helps release the dough into the muffin tin. If the batter is very sticky lightly spray the scoop with pan coating such as “PAM”. It will easily release the batter.

The 1 ½ inch scoop is perfect for all our drop cookies.
We make all our cookies ahead and freeze the dough balls on a sheet pan before storing the frozen balls labeled and dated in freezer bags. This is a great way to have cookies on hand at all times.

When the cookie jar is almost empty, (which is most every day by about 11 am) we pull out an assortment of frozen cookie balls and bake what we need for the day.

There are many more uses for these handy gadgets including actually scooping ice cream!

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  1. I love these as well. We use a small one for our mini muffins, for sorbet balls on top of sliced fruit, or even for a cream custard that goes on top of pancakes. Every kitchen needs these! They are available at kitchen/restaurant supply stores and are not all that expensive.

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