Coffee Cake Muffins

I gave this recipe its name because the resulting muffins remind me so much of a good coffee cake.  Delicious golden cake, with a swirl of cinnamon and pecans throughout, and a cinnamon pecan streusel topping.   They’re rich and … Continue reading

My new favorite gadget…

I love gadgets. Drop me off at a kitchen store and I will spend hours going from one corner to the next discovering all the new inventions out there to make my life easier. I don’t usually buy much because, … Continue reading

Quince Apple Chutney: A Great Pancake Topper or Side Dish

Last week the grocery store carried fresh quince, so I bought one. I had no idea what to do with a quince, so my first move was to ask the 8 Broads. The primary two responses were to use quince … Continue reading

Monte Carlo Sandwiches– a lower fat twist on the Monte Cristo

On Sundays after church, I used to love going out to eat and often ordered the Monte Cristo Sandwich. Yum! But as an innkeeper, I do not deep-fry anything. So in seeking a lower-fat alternative, we created these tasty sandwiches … Continue reading

Baked Scrambled Eggs

This recipe is like that “little black dress”.  It just plain goes with everything! Guests love it and our Staff is always hopeful that there are some leftover for their break! And, just like that favorite dress, this “accessorizes” so … Continue reading

An easy way to remove pomegranate seeds!

Sylvie, our Inn Kitchen Queen, loves to find a way to make things easier (and better) in the kitchen.  (She is the person who tried the avocado “swim” and it certainly worked!) We are using more and more pomegranates.  We love them for their flavor; … Continue reading