You gotta dance with who ya brung…….

So says Bum Phillips, former coach of the Houston Oilers football team.    So…by way of recipes, we took the basic sour cream coffee cake recipe and “danced with who we brung” and the “who” is beautiful homegrown cherries. The original recipe calls for … Continue reading


This is SO cool! Honeydew “Gazpacho” is getting rave reviews from the guests of Eight Broads in the Kitchen this summer, and no wonder. It has a refreshing taste that says “summer.” It’s easy to make. And there are fewer … Continue reading

Isn’t summer wonderful?

Summer produce is just the best, isn’t it?    On Sunday, Sylvie (our wonderful BBP –“beautiful breakfast preparer”) and I headed to Ithaca’s Farmers’ Market to pick up our CSA bounty for the week. In one of the stalls, we noticed … Continue reading

Roasted Plums

Each morning we begin our breakfast with a fruit dish.   We have a new love affair with plums!  Yup, plums!  We have made a Chilled Plum and Rhubarb Soup; Fresh Plum Coffee Cake; Plum Sauce and our favorite, Roasted Plums.    We serve them with a variety … Continue reading

Peach of a Blueberry Pie

This is the perfect summer dessert.  The pie uses some of our favorite, plentiful fruits and the crust couldn’t be easier.   This is always a hit on the dessert buffet that we serve nightly and, if you’d like, the crust will … Continue reading

Napa at The Waldorf!

This summer has a been a real treat to be part of a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture).  Every week we pick up our bounty from Sacred Seed Farm, a certified organic farm, who has a booth at our Farmer’s Market. … Continue reading

Braden’s Magic Brownies

We are so fortunate to have with us this summer, Braden Birch.  Braden is going into Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration as a Junior and is not only a student in a wonderful program but is an integral part of … Continue reading