Chocolate Mousse Surprise! (Hint: Avocados)

Recently I overheard my friend Larie describing a delicious, dairy free chocolate mousse that she had tasted, with the base made from avocados. The image in my head was not a pretty one, and I simply could not imagine mixing … Continue reading

Chilled Honey-Roasted Peach and Cardamom Soup with Vanilla Cream

With spring and summer rapidly approaching, (I hope!!) fruit soup starters are a big hit here at The William Henry Miller Inn. Ithaca is all about fresh fruit and this soup is the perfect hit. Use peaches that have been quick … Continue reading

Sweet Potato and Lentil Soup

I don’t know about other locations, but Spring is finally in the air in Ohio.  I was chatting to Lynnette last week and she said every day she’s going out and checking her herb garden to see if there’s fresh … Continue reading